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The Wheels on the Bus – Mila

In Uncategorized on August 5, 2009 at 9:26 pm

I was planting feverishly in a mild panic that the garden was underplanted and not good enough when she came upon me and dropped down on her knees. She liked it very much. Her name is Mila and she came to Canada from Russia fourteen years ago. She talked of how she is between the two places. She asked me why some seeds and plants don’t grow and when I said that it is often from not watering enough, she corrected me that, no, the reason was not enough love. She talked about having roots damaged and her words swerved between speaking of plants and herself. She kissed my hand which was caked was soil and asked me if she could embrace me, “human to human”, which she did twice. Although she reached her arms passionately towards me, she never stepped over the boundary of the garden’s curb, staying on the sidewalk, recognizing the garden as sacred space or the curb as the divide between stage and audience. Of course she was very drunk. She was beautiful. When she left I wept as I dug in the last morning glory. Is this not the only reason there is to make art – to move someone? to make the experience of walking down the street vivid?