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Streaming Twelve, 2014

Exhibited in The Source: Re-Thinking Water Through Contemporary Art, curator Stuart Reid, Brock University’s Rodman Hall Art Centre, St. Catharines, May 23-September 28, 2014

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installation photos: Danny Custodio

The installation, Streaming Twelve, is about the Twelve Mile Creek focused through two research lenses – the presence of the oldest continually-running hydro-electric power generating station in Canada just upstream from Rodman Hall, and ideas about ownership and governance of water. One video is a live feed from a camera on the roof at the gallery pointed at the Twelve, one is an aerial view of the Twelve, and the third features historical images mostly regarding the opening of Decew Generating Station 2. The audio is heard through headphones and has 3 parts: the sound of electricity being made at Decew 1, excerpts from the annual reports of the Hydro-Electric Power Commission of Ontario for 1942- 44 and a translation into Mohawk of the Nanfan Treaty, 1701 (translated and read by Tehahenteh.)

Click here for the Artist Statement.

Click here for the audiotrack.

Click here for an interview with the artist.

Click here for blog post Making Streaming Twelve.

The following are images from the Artifact Video, projected on the plinth. (Photographic licences purchased from the St. Catharines Museum and from The St. Catharines Standard archive.)

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The following are still images from the Aerial Video. (See credits in Artist Statement and blog post link with acknowledgement of lev8.)

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Here’s a link to a related blog post about a project I participated in called Vernal Pool.


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