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Lucius’ Garden – text by Stuart Reid

I came by on Saturday evening and was engaged by witnessing the ritual of the watering of the garden. The luminous watering cans, filled with light, really conveyed the notion of water as flowing energy and the source of power.  The layering of sounds, readings and song emanating from the four corners (the four directions) seemed to rotate on a central axis in the centre of the garden, reorienting the viewer in the space.  This cyclical rotation, the constant renewal, and the geometry of the garden, made the patterns of the paths of the performers another intriguing drawing in space.   The pauses, stops and re-beginnings, were rhythmic. I couldn’t help but think of how the glowing watering cans were orbiting and hovering in the dark much like the celestial bodies that hung in the sky above us on that cool spring night.

I also was struck by the layering of the projected images of the Decew [Falls] water plant on the body/screen – it made me think of the intricate ways that our bodies are the microcosm of the larger universal cycles of water and reminded me of the intricate connection between our internal waterworks (organs and tubes) with the external systems of plumbing and conduits that support us collectively.

It was such a richly designed piece that built upon the elements that I saw in Streaming Twelve.  Thank you so much for this. It is a great privilege to see an artist so dedicated to building and pushing their work into new territory.  I look forward to next chapters.

– email to the artist, May 4, 2015



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