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Lucius’ Garden, 2015

Performed at In The Soil Arts Festival, corner of King and James Streets, St. Catharines, April 24 & 25, 2015.LG circle

In the darkness of night, follow four Gardeners down the garden paths beside the Lucius Oille fountain. Watch and listen to water through performance, video projection, and soundscapes of song and spoken text.

Click here for video.

I came by on Saturday evening and was engaged by witnessing the ritual of the watering of the garden. The luminous watering cans, filled with light, really conveyed the notion of water as flowing energy and the source of power.  The layering of sounds, readings and song emanating from the four corners (the four directions) seemed to rotate on a central axis in the centre of the garden, reorienting the viewer in…..”
more from Stuart Reid

3The soundscape for Lucius’ Garden contained 4 streams: 1. reading from the first Annual Report of the St. Catharines Waterworks, 2. a Mohawk translation of the Nanfan Treaty of 1701 and a Mohawk Water Song, 3. text by the artist, and 4. a mix of water sounds, commentary from the Water Song singer and excerpts from the Annual Report. (Click on the links to Soundcloud files.)2

Click here for credits and acknowledgements.

Click here for blog post Making Lucius’ Garden 1, here for Making Lucius’ Garden 2 – DeCew Water Treatment Plant, and here for Making Lucius’ Garden 3 – Homage to Chris.


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