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gravity doesn’t explain desire (2012)

Gravity doesn’t explain desire, was commissioned by Niagara Dance Company as a solo for Artistic Director Mary Jo Mullins and is based on excerpts from Moral/Passion (1985) by Elizabeth Chitty.

Gravity doesn’t explain desire (2012)

Choreographer:                                   Elizabeth Chitty
Dancer:                                                  Mary Jo Mullins
Text (1985):                                          Elizabeth Chitty
Camera & Audio Recording*:           Mervin Wrighton (ubu video productions)
Video & Audio Editing:                      Elizabeth Chitty & Mervin Wrighton
Lighting design:                                   David Vivia
Costume design:                                 Angela Thomas

* Except for Plaisir d’amour (1780) by Jean Paul Égide Martini, which was arranged and recorded in 1985 by Paul Hodge, vocals by Elizabeth Chitty, percussion by Ricardo Abreut. With thanks to Paul Hodge for digitizing.  The audio edit of Gravity doesn’t explain desire is based on the 1985 soundtrack of Moral/Passion.

Program Notes:
There are moments in all our lives when suddenly everything changes, like a flash of lightning. We see clearly that the Beloved no longer loves us, or any other point of no return has passed. The line between melancholy and joy, darkness and light, pain and pleasure disappear as we balance between them.


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