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Graciously Pleased, 2016

audio, 19:26
played at Pelham Road entrance to Short Hills Provincial Park, St. Catharines ON

Photo: Emily Beth Photography
Two Row teaching following the playing of Graciously Pleased by Celeste Smith, Wolf Clan, Oneida Nation

Graciously Pleased is an audio work in which we hear the Nanfan Treaty read in the Mohawk and English languages and voices of indigenous and settler community members expressing what it means to be a treaty person. These voices were recorded during the 2016 annual Haunenosaunee deer harvest, which is governed by the 1701 Nanfan Treaty, and is subject to anti-hunt protest. It was played December 1, 2016 on site at an entrance to Short Hills Provincial Park as part of Reconciliation Activities of the Supporters of the Haunenosaunee Right to Hunt for the Short Hills Harvest. It was played a second time that day during the daily conflict as anti-hunt protestors attempted to stall the hunters departure from the park.

Translation of the Nanfan Treaty spoken in Mohawk  by Tehahenteh.
Listening to the work was followed by teachings led by Celeste Smith on the Two Row Wampum and discussion.

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