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Text excerpts from The Distance of Their Mouths: a journey from west to east © Elizabeth Chitty, 2010

Beamer Falls on the Forty

Before his death I took my father there.
Fat robins everywhere.
He took my hand, his cane in the other.
Seated, forty swallows descended;
rosy patches on top, blonde under.
“Are their tails square?”, he asked.
Forty swallows dancing.
Hands joined by falling water.

Thirty Mile Creek Falls

This was the shore of the glacial Lake Iroquois;
layers of hard dolostone and limestone, soft shale and hard sandstone.
You asked for my heart and I gave it to you.
I left the side of the road to search,
sharp turn and nowhere to be found.
Gone, dried up, evaporated, inconstant, fickle.
Gone, dried up, evaporated, inconstant, fickle.
Your mouth once opened to mine in rapture.

(Lower Balls Falls on the Twenty, Rockway Falls on the Fifteen and Swayze Falls on the Twelve are not included here) 

Niagara Falls on the Niagara

I see each drop within the field of my sight.
Each drop perfectly reflecting all others,
clear and luminous.
Vision steady on each drop
vivid, fluid and transitory.
A pattern arises,
spectacular falling, subsides.
Turmoil vanished.

The Creeks

The distance of their mouths from the Niagara River,
emptying into Lake Ontario.
Mouths opening from west to east:
Fifty, Forty, Thirty, Twenty, Eighteen, Sixteen, Fifteen, Twelve, Eight, Four, Two, One.


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