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Dissolve (2012)

Dissolve was commissioned by Niagara Dance Company as part of the Niagara Region 2012 Culture Capital celebrations supported by Canadian Heritage.

Dissolve is a dance with telephony, video, music and text (delivered by cell phone). The audience determines the sequence of movement and music and who is performing. Blog posts about the creation of this work can be found here and here.

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Performance documentation photography by BrainFarm

Body as World completeBody of Two Minds completeBody within Borders

Here is the video for Body of Two Minds, the fourth and last thread in Dissolve.

Click here to listen to what the audience first hears when they call the show phone number.

Artist’s notes:

Our time is one of rapid change and dissolving boundaries. Dissolve affects the boundary between you, the audience, and the performers by requiring your engagement through a communications technology of our lives – cell phones. Audience members call the number in the printed program and are asked to choose one of four threads – Body as World, Body within Borders, Body of Tender Minds or Body of Two Minds – then to choose a performer. These threads express content that is spiritual, political, psychological or biological, and are reflected in the choreographic and video imagery. The video is the only part of the work to play in fixed order; the sequence of dance and music is based on audience selection.

Premiere: November 17, 2012, Sullivan Mahoney Courthouse Theatre, St. Catharines

Concept, video, cell phone text, voiceovers, recording and editing
Elizabeth Chitty
Choreography                                                            Elizabeth Chitty with dancers
Composer                                                                   Mark Steiger
Lighting & costume design                                      David Vivian
Creative Technologist (phone system design)      Gabe Sawhney
Dancers                                                             Emma Kerston, Mary Jo Mullins, Kirsten Sopik
Cellist                                                                            Gordon Cleland
Video recording                                                 Duncan Macdonald, Ubu Video Productions
Video editing                                                       Berenicci Hershorn, Fagan Media Group

Note: This work is available for licence of the concept, video, text and direction with choreography and music newly created by the licencee. It requires 1 musician, a minimum of 3 dancers and the technologist (Gabe Sawhney) to build the phone system. A company, collective or group of dance artists interested in mounting this work require improvisational and composition skills. The movement is set is 4 – 3′ sections and because the sequence is set by the audience, the dancers must respond in performance to whatever else is happening on stage. Contact the artist – elizabeth [dot] chitty [at] gmail [dot] com.


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