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performance at Majlis Multidisciplinary Arts, Toronto, August 13, 2011

This was a relational work in which the audience ate grilled peaches, stamped their hands, wrote, had a shoulder massage, listened to bird songs, enjoyed the garden and one another’s company.

Click here for a short version of the video which played throughout.

Recorded by the artist and the audience on a laptop at Delight:

backrubs          birdsong          light     moving            peaches           photographs    promises             roses                rubber stamps             shadow            video            lying down                        being told “I’m delighted to see you”                        balls     figs      baroque music            the silence of a summer morning              wilderness             the scent of skin                       the moon         coincidence     blue winter shadows        beautiful lights                     love          ambitions        dogs                       Friends        lemon squares         good news     backrubs          trust     chocolate        acceleration    rhythm                  pan-seared caramelized bacon                      laughter

Photos: Caitlin Cox

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