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Daylighting, 2016

Performance, 17 minutes
6 channel audio played through 2 speakers
Performed at 7a*11d International Performance Art Festival, October 22, 2016

(Note on this video excerpt: Audio fails part-way through documentation, “do not adjust your set”.)

We are at the edge of the Garrison Creek watershed. We will shine light on the street surface and conjure an image of the buried creek to the east. We will provide relief to what lives in the cracks. We will listen to one another thinking about water in the city. We will walk a straight line like the city’s grid but you can meander if you choose – like water, which knows what to do.

Waterworks Duet: Elizabeth Chitty, Berenicci Hershorn
Thanks to the volunteer Gardener performers, Water Wranglers and 7a*11d Collective and technicians
Audio voices: Elizabeth Chitty, Daylighting Walks participants (Daylighting Walks page coming soon)
Audio editing: Elizabeth Chitty
Waterworks video: Elizabeth Chitty
Watering cans built by Chris Clifford. Wearable screen built by Alexa Fraser

Link to 7a*11d International Performance Art Festival page including Eminence Grise text.

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