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Confluence Field Trips Multiple, 2016

Edition of 25
Signed and numbered tin box, inkjet print text, photo mini-card, felt, 5 photo convertible buttons/magnets


Inkjet printed text:

Confluence Field Trips is an artist’s project including a website, walking project, video + audio installation and this multiple. The confluence of the title is that of Twelve Mile Creek and Dick’s Creek in Canal Valley, St. Catharines, ON, which is a site rich in cycles of wilderness, industry, neglect and reclamation. The project examines it at a time of reclamation that is specific and local, and emblematic of global shifts; the North American embrace of economic development theory claiming culture and knowledge as its engine, measured by hospitality sales and digital space start-ups, in the wake of the departure of manufacturing to far-away places.
– Thanks to Rodman Hall Art Centre for assistance.

Button/magnet images:
Top row l-r: Hwy 406 pedestrian bridge overpass (Confluence Field Trip #1), Richard Pierpoint historical plaque (Confluence Field Trip #2)
Centre: Coyote warning sign
Bottom row l-r – Headgate of old Welland Canal* (Confluence Field Trip #2), Eagle Iron Bridge marker (Confluence Field Trip #3)
* The grafitti in this image was lost in 2016 due to Centennial Park revitalization.

Rodman Hall Art Centre or contact elizabeth[dot]chitty[at]

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