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Le Paysage et nos coeurs, 1994

1.paysage-startperformed July 9, 1994
at the site of Camp Musical du Lac-St-Jean, Alma QC
approx. 35 minutes

part of a a Quebec/Ontario artist exchange, first titled Cuesta then Terre Commune/Common Ground presented by Grimsby Public Art Gallery and La Biennale du dessin de l’estape et du papier du Quebec,
Curators: Mary Rashleigh (Grimsby Public Art Gallery), Bernard Pilote (Alma)
Artists: Guy Blackburn, Elizabeth Chitty, Claudien Cotton, Martin Dufrasne, Reinhard Reitzenstein, Ronald Thibert, Yves Tremblay, Gayle Young

3.paysage-lung2.paysage-handDescription and Artist Statement:
The performance took place in a site with three landscapes; pastoral, forest and industrial. These reflect the region’s culture in the broad sense of the term. It began at sunset which was approximately 8:30 p.m. ….read more

This was the second in a series of performances (1992-97) in which the audience walked trails and paths, thus engaged in relationship, active embodiment and spectatorship as they passed live performers, still images and sound sources. I referred to these works as landscape-based.6.paysage-fire

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Nature of the Body, the installation and the performance, were also created for Terre Commune/Common Ground.

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