lights camera sound actions | time-based contemporary art

Isadora Speaks (1993)

exhibited at Moving Pictures Festival, John Spotton Cinema, Toronto

Artist’s Note (2012)
The videotape was shot in the woods on the Bruce Trail just about Twenty Mile Creek in Jordan, ON where I lived, with a 8mm Sony Handcam attached to my back while I danced. The audio was a voiceover in my voice of text excerpts from Isadora Speaks, edited and introduced by Franklin Rosemont, City Light Books, San Francisco. (“My will is to free the art of dancing…..And all art must be intimately connected with nature at its roots….If my art is symbolic of any one thing, it is symbolic of the freedom of woman….) The slide was an image of a spine (kindly lent to me by my chiropractor) and was projected on maple seedlings planted in soil in the wood box. The seedling and the grapevine were dug up around my home.

This work followed research on Isadora Duncan which I carried out for the outdoor performance Hortus Imaginum and part of a body of work concerned with the relationship between nature and culture. Thanks to Robert Siddons who made the wood box.


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