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Fly, 2008

photo and audio installation
exhibited at Grimsby Public Art Gallery, September – November 2008

photo: Rhona Wenger

Fly is an outdoor photo and audio installation based on an image and sound of the red-tailed hawk. The image of the bird is technologically distanced from nature photography – it was captured on low resolution video and digitally altered. It is applied to the outside wall of the gallery with a method used by street artists. The sound is triggered by a motion sensor.

 I have used the image of the red-tailed hawk in a few works and I approach it with unabashed enthusiasm for the thrill I get from being close to this bird. Flight is emotionally engaging. This work speaks from a sense of place. While the red-tailed hawk is one of the most common raptors in North America, it also has a strong connection with Grimsby because of the Niagara Peninsula Hawkwatch at Beamer Conservation Area (where I shot the image). In Niagara we live in an area of great natural bounty but there is little left that is “wild”. I approach the nature/culture dichotomy as “both/and” and the work is ideally an invitation to cherish and protect the natural wonders found in Niagara while we engage fully in the technological world.

With thanks to Hector Centeno for assistance in realizing this installation. Thanks also to Matt Harley and the youth of FORT.

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