lights camera sound actions | time-based contemporary art

The View of the Landscape From Here (1990)

1 video channel (with audio), 1 video channel (no audio), text audio channel played through headphones, wooden bench, camomile plants in wood box with soil, gro-light on stand, brooder lamp on stand, plexiglass tank of water with submersible light, brooder light, dried leaves

exhibited at Niagara Artists Company, St. Catharines ON

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Artist’s Statement
This work is about landscape, technology and magic.


My move from an urban to rural landscape made me more aware of the subject of relationship to land and how culture determines our perceptions of landscape (I use “culture” in its broad sense of human activity.) Our culture is commerce-driven and views land as a commodity. Technology, the handmaiden of our culture, is the tool which delivers the land to us.
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Click here for Audio text (heard through headphones) – coming soon


The View of the Landscape From Here (excerpt, winter) from Elizabeth Chitty on Vimeo.

Click here for Artist’s Acknowledgements – coming soon


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