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Nature of the Body, installation,1996

exhibited at Terre Commune/Common Ground*, Grimsby Public Art Gallery, Grimsby, July 12 – August 17, 1996 and Sequence Gallery, Chicoutimi, September 1996
Hamilton Artists Inc., March 20-May 2, 2009

light projection, 5 colour photocopied photographs, slide (of brain drawing) projected in 50 stainless steel bowls of water

Artist’s Statement
This installation represents consciousness and “being in a body” with images of parts of the body – the senses, heart, lungs and brain. They are represented through media of light. I am interested in concepts of embodiment. Modernity has meant disconnection from our bodies and the “natural” world and the Cartesian legacy is one of separation of mind and body. I chose the body, the organs by which we perceive the world and internal organs through which we conceive ourselves experiencing thought and emotion, as the “site” of our humanity.

*Terre Commune/Common Ground Artists: Guy Blackburn, Elizabeth Chitty, Claudine Cotton, Martin Dufrasne, Reinhard Reitzenstein, Ronald Thibert, Yves Termblay, Gayle Young. This artist exchange between Grimsby, Ontario and Alma, Quebec was also known as Cuesta.

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