lights camera sound actions | time-based contemporary art

Breath of Life (1995)

Harbourfront Centre, Toronto

Plant material:  Pinus strobus, Rosa gallica officinalis, R. rugosa alba, mugwort, Lonicera japonica “Halliana”, Malva moschata, Thymus serpyllum, silver thyme, Digitalis alba, Pulmonaria “Sissinghurst White”, Ipomoea “Heavenly Blue” and mixed, Polygonum aubertii, Centaurea cyanus, borage, Origanum, rosemary, Lavender “Hidcote”, Dianthus caryophyllus, Hypericum polyphyllum, Viola tricolour.
Copper trellis built by Andre Perusse.

catalogue: Artists Gardens at Harbourfront 1990-1995. Bos, Dianne.
Then there are those gardens whose design was inspired by the plant materials themselves” their botanical histories, herbal significance, associations and meanings within our culture or other cultures (Benner 1993-95, Chitty 1995). These gardens, as well as others dealing with environmental issues, industrialization and technology, also have strong political overtones. 3.

Artist Statement

Breath of Life


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