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Breath and the Heart, Thinking audio text

May you be free of suffering.
May you cease weeping.
May sorrow leave you.
May misery be transformed into joy.
May anger turn into patience.
May hate turn to love.
May your pain leave you.
May you practise peace.
May you cause harm to no one.
May you be at peace with your broken heart.
May your basic goodness flourish.
May you be fearless when faced with evil.
May you find courage.
May you touch your tender heart in the darkness of your night.
May you be gentle with yourself and others.
May you cease to struggle.
May you not hide from your heart through unnecessary activity.
May you not long for the beloved.
May you be curious about existence.
May you turn swords into flowers.
May you find in your own heart what is true.
May you mix honesty with kindness.
May you not use blame as your heart’s armour.
May you recognize the pain of others in your pain.
May you unbury your shining heart.
May you not be shamed by the ridicule of others.
May you be released from expectation.
May you be kind to yourself and others.
May you be happy.
May you feel with your whole heart.
May all be well with you.
May you be good-hearted.
May you open your mind and heart.


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