lights camera sound actions | time-based contemporary art

Bloodbird audio text

Our hearts beat. Our blood pushes against the thin walls of our veins. Fly!

May you feel at home on earth and in heaven.

May you not act in cold blood.

May your spirit soar.

May your hot blood never burn.

May you be easy in your body and spirit.

May you spill no blood.

May you feel no shame of your body, nor fear of your spirit.

May the heat of your heart’s blood comfort all who feel it.

May you be fearless when you shed your body and fly, fly free.

May poison not enter your body or spirit.

May your life’s blood come to you in abundance.

When anger boils your blood, may a cool wind blow.

Mount the storm, find the wind and fly!

May you be happy. May you be happy.



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