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History, Colour T.V. & You,1981

Performance History 1980-83
3e symposium d’art performance, Lyon, France; International Video Festival, La Mamelle, San Francisco; Musée du Quebec, Quebec City; Western Front, Vancouver, The Music Gallery, Toronto; Walter Phillips Gallery, Agit-Prop Walter Phillips Gallery, Banff; Mercer Union, Toronto; Mendel Art Gallery, Saskatoon; Neutral Ground, Regina; Darcheu, Sherbrooke, QC;  Struts, Sackville, N.B.; GAP, Toronto; Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver; Performance, Parachute, Montreal

Agit.Prop. Performance in Banff. Walter Phillis Gallery. July 9-25, 1982. ed Lorne Falk.

History, Colour T.V. & You, is a performance using video projection, slides and live action. It begins with History as a metaphor for communication (since communication necessarily implies recognizable, known information) and links it with T.V., a tool of memory. But hard facts and communication devices leave emotions out in the cold; the T.V. and the performer become seductive and she turns to You with live vocals sung to an instrumental track of the Dusty Springfield tear-jerker, “You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me.”
– ec.1981

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