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Dogmachine (1981)

videotape, colour. stereo, 20’ 10”

Featuring five girls in colour, a shocking pink cowgirl and music by TBA. The Girls decide to get down, be fashionably and politically correct and Do The Dogma. “There’s no theory like practise, practise, practise. It doesn’t matter if your natural turn is to the left or the right – to Do The Dogma, think and act in unison. Stretch your feet, toe the line, pull up, look smart and keep in time.” After a few routines and trying to come up with some snappy slogans, they get tired and decide they don’t want to play.

Cast: Berenicci,  Susan Britton, Elizabeth Chitty, Margaret Dragu, Irene Grainger, Tanya Rosenberg
Production: Trinity Square Video, Toronto

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