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text excerpts from Telling Tales

© Elizabeth Chitty 1979

excerpt one:
The beginning of her story was that she felt obliged to make one. Time ticked on; events passed, relationships developed or discarded, diseases humbled to or overcome. She felt an urge to observe the sequence of events, to make order of the information all about her. She would have to appoint certain things as the most important, as essential to her theme. Indeed, she woudl have to decide upon a theme, develop a credo, come up with an impeccable purpose. She had already lost so much time, she had so many irretreivable thoughts never filed in any category whatsoever.

excerpt two:
Have your answer sheets ready please:

  1. What political event directly led to World War I?
  2. What was the turning poing leading to the crash of 1929?
  3. Why did the League of Nations not support the anti-fascist cause in the Spanish Civil War?
  4. What was the background situation to the rise of Hitler?
  5. Whate were the political issues that divided the American people in their attitude towards the Vietnamese war?
  6. How has the accessibility of birth control information affected the economic role of women in society?
  7. What was the campaign platform of the Parti Quebecois in the election of 1976?
  8. What belief prompted the mass suicide of followers of the People’s Temple?
  9. What policies of the Shah of Iran led to his overthrow?
  10. What factors influence the possibility of nuclear power as a major energy source?
  11. What nationality were her paternal grandparents?
  12. What economic group did her parents come from?
  13. What education did her siblings receive?
  14. What was her sexual orientation?

excerpt three:
Take the marked passages and come up with a frame. Isolate each context and make cross-references, search for the ideology and trace its sources. Separate the events that show inconsistent determing factors. Find out where the communication breaks down and analyze the pattern of weakening power. Find a reasonable balance between scientific skepticism and fanaticism. Develop a workable behaviour standard and be reasonalbe about traditional influences. Be cautious with multi-culturalism. Don’t mystify. Watch of for spontaneous thought and don’t dish out any cheap psychology.

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