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Extreme Skin (1977)

E.C. at A Space, Graham Jackson, Spill No 8, 1977
I wish I could get to the heart of Chitty the way she can (almost indecently) to a pose, an attitude, a defense mechanism – call a gesture, she’ll pound a stake in it. [read more – E.C. at A Space]

December 1-4, 1977, A Space, 85 St. Nicholas St., Toronto

Mary Anderson, Margaret Atkinson, Michael Baker, Ron Boychuk, Catherine Carpenko, Phyllis Eckler, Anne Egger, Irene Grainger, Jim Gronau, Jean Hamilton, Darlene Hawke, Janice Hladki, Debbie Jones, Patti Morley, Paula Ravitz, Kathy Richan, Andrew Ross, Zella Wolofsky.

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Photos: Lynn Rotin

There are no remaining artist notes for this work, however, I remember that it was driven by an interest in furthering the “honest” movement of physical exertion that characterized Lean Cuts (there are notes for that work).  The “extreme” aspect was exertion and the size of the group. I also remember that I wasn’t prepared to take the kind of risks I took with my own body with others, so the movement took on more playfulness and humour than that of Lean Cuts. I was completely uninterested in expressivity and in working with conventional dance vocabulary. The poses, particularly the glamour girl pose, are in hindsight the beginning of an interest that grew into the signed body language of Demo Model, which was critical of mimesis in dance.

– ec 2014



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