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Ball Dance, 1975

Performed May 2 & 3, 1975 at 15 Dance Lab, Toronto by the choreographer (Elizabeth Chitty), Johanna Householder and Bruce Wilson.

Conceptual art and sculptural concerns about the nature of materials influenced this work which also used chance procedure; the movement was determined by chance plotting on the graph on which the outline of a ball had been traced. The work was also influenced by Yvonne Rainer’s No Manifesto, which I had studied in Dance Criticism class with Selma Odom at York University. The multidisciplinary climate of the artist-run centres in the 1970s was fertile ground for my early work (in Toronto at that time they were A Space (directed by poet Victor Coleman) and Art Metropole (General Idea) – the works in Dances included movement, text and video.

The movement was determined by:
D = distance of throw
F = force of throw
B = byoyancy of thrower
W = weight of catcher

The score below is scanned from the program for Dances, which included Ball Dance, Timeline, Tomb and Polyfil. There is no documentation available.

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