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Video files complete!

In Uncategorized on January 19, 2011 at 2:12 pm

Lower Balls Falls on the Twenty

I have completed the video files for this Saturday’s performance of my first new performance since 2004, Distance of Their Mouths. It is so great to be making a performance.

I am live mixing 6 video files with video from a webcam. I am using an Edirol V-4 video mixer, courtesy of Marinko Jareb and Niagara Artists’ Centre. The files are a combination of video shot in fall of 2008 for the installation, Fall, with a very good camera from Charles St. Video, and web-quality video shot in October 2010 and recently. I could not open the stored files from 2008 and was rescued by my dear friend, Berenicci Hershorn (click on her name to go to the 7a*11d blog and a description of her most excellent recent performance). We drank delicious rose tea and I devoured the remains of her holiday baking while she edited 3 files for me in File Maker Pro. On my way to her, I stopped at the Apple store to buy a DVI to S-video cable. On the bus on the way home, I edited the last of the 6 files; I use the free software on my employer’s MacBook Pro, iMovie, which is dreadful but a huge step forward from nothing! Editing video is the most pleasant way to commute, that and reading the comics my mother kindly cuts out of the newspaper for me.

During the performance, I will open each file, at the right time and place one hopes, and mix live footage of the musicians playing. I have yet to finalize the places and times for this. I don’t have video for one of the sections but serenditiously it works because the text is about disappearances. I have not yet completed the very modest, gestural choreography, funny thing about that, since it is the one artistic subject I have actually taught. Text – check. Video – check. Equipment – check. Vocal delivery and choreography, not so much, still to complete with 3 days to go.


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