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Hold Still Wild Youth: The Gina Show Archives

In Uncategorized on June 5, 2010 at 6:00 pm

…..and, last night in Vancouver was an opening I wish I could have been there for – Hold Still Wild Youth: The Gina Show Archives. Click here to see the video clip (we didn’t call them that back then) from my performance Social Studies, that became the videotape, Telling Tales. Telling Tales was exhibited widely including  the 11e Biennale de Paris, France, 1980, curated by Alvin Balkind. I had a good laugh viewing the video clip. Most of the cast were my fellow workers at Peter Pan Cafe, one of the first Queen West restaurants and a hang-out for the General Idea crowd at the time. In fact, Jorge Zontal and I were amongst the first staff. The lead character in the video was a waiter and my partner. We married in fact. Those were indeed wild years and it is great to see this exhibiton and on-line archive. There appears to be a spate of 70s assessments going on – two for me this month!

  1. Hey Wild Babe!
    See you in Ottawa for 70’s assessment #2 for you!

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