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Want – 4

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Photo: Rowan Shirkie

Photo: Rowan Shirkie

I want to breathe I want a truck I want world peace I want a decent job that doesn’t make me do repetitive tasks all day I would like a good year I want a longer list I want a princess I want time for me I want peace for my children I would love to have peace on earth I want a safe and clean downtown St. Catharines I want a special fringe theatre in St. Catharines I want happiness, peace and love in my life, that’s all I want peace and harmony all over the world what do I want? that’s a good question I think I want good health, happiness, my daughter to be happy with her life and my wife to be happy with me and all the prosperity I can handle I want to see the downtown of my dreams, the downtown I’ve been dreaming of for thirty years I want more music in the city I want to see the penguins in Santa Cruz in Patagonia my greatest want is for my children to be happy and above all, healthy I want to love a man who loves me, cares for me and cherishes me want, I don’t know what I want, it’s a formless, shapeless kind of feeling that has many dimensions, I want a lot of things I don’t want a particular thing, I think I want satisfaction I want a kitten I want to quit thinking of money all the time I want a complete reversal of the last several moments I want everyone else to get what they want I want to travel around the world I want water back downtown, to sit beside, maybe put my feet in, maybe canoe down I want a nice obvious walking path down to Centennial Gardens and I want ice-cream cones for everyone, dairy-free and with dairy in them skyline R-34 a means for all artists to come together I want the simple life and the comforts of home I want all people of all religions to treat each other with respect I want fountains to be made of ice-cream, of vanilla, for kids I would like an outdoor skating rink in Montebello Oct. 2-R.SherkiePark and in the summer and in the winter when the rink is open I’d like somebody to come by and sell coffee  and maybe popcorn for the kids at the playground in the summer and the families skating in the winter and  I’d really like if we also had a grocery store and a hardware store downtown so we could really live down here and not have to leave the downtown core and while I’m asking, some of the vendors to put some more tables outside so we could enjoy our coffee and beverages watching the lovely two-way traffic I want more music with cowbell I want every child to experience the kind of love that my daughter has I want a world without war and cruelty and where people don’t need to live in fear I also want a car that doesn’t make grinding sounds and without holes I want to spend three months travelling Banff to Jasper and spend three months in the Rockie Mountains Adam yeah, I want Biggie to come back to life I want a CD to take to Las Vegas in a month I want a CD where I can bless people with my voice, my song, my vision I just can’t help but think of Barbara Streisand when she says, Tell me where is it written what I am meant to be and tell me where, well you get the idea I want to bless people with song and I want this CD in a month’s time to take to Las Vegas what I would like for downtown St. Catharines is a cool stationery, journals and pens and pencils store it would be really awesome I think,  people would like I want a digital camera I want a hamster I want a nice hug and kiss what I want, I want to do more art work and then I would like to exhibit some of my paintings, but I’m not completely set up to start my art work full-time so basically now I’m part-time so basically that is my wish to concentrate more on art and show my art work to a public, and that’s it for now I want downtown to come back to life and people to come and enjoy themselves and stores to spring up and all kinds of alternative and crazy things going on a lot like it was thirty years ago I want downtown St. Catharines to be a vibrant place where people of all ages can come and enjoy, live, eat and be entertained and shop I want a St. Catharines downtown to be one that is a vibrant art and culture, a community art and culture I want the end of fighting I want for everything to be alright I want happiness, I want peace one thing I want is health I wanted several things in my life and I’ve set goals and I’ve achieved them and one thing you can’t always guarantee and you can’t make sure you have is your health but I think when you’re healthy that’s the most that anyone can ask for and that’s one thing I want in my life more than anything is to be healthy I want my kids to grow up healthy and happy and safe tonight I know what I want that would be to know more about the different events in the Art City tonight I want to lose weight but doesn’t everybody?

Want, October 2, 2009 - Photo: Rowan Shirkie

Want, October 2, 2009 - Photo: Rowan Shirkie

so realistically, I want to marry the boy who’s sitting right outside this tent and I think I will, not now, but one day I want a more personal and publicly directed St. Catharines what I would like is for more of the stores to be open on an evening when they have something like Art in the City one thing I think everybody wants and I know this sounds corny but who doesn’t want world peace like seriously you think about all the countries that are starving that are fighting that are killing themselves over religion equal rights with everybody who doesn’t want that, you know? another thing is I’m very environmentalist I wish everybody in the world was vegan and let’s face it going vegan isn’t an easy thing it’s hard to do because your system has to get used to it at first but I wish I was a vegan I’m trying to go vegetarian right now I wish animals were not suffering I wish people would stop killing animals and just leave them alone to do their own thing because I think that it’s ridiculous when you think someone is just hunting something for the pleasure of it for the fact that they can kill it for meat that they can kill it for ivory, whatever, there’s no reason to kill animals there’s absolutely none, we already take away their habitat we take everything away from them they have no chance and we’re killing the planet another thing I want obviously is a decent house, like not too big, but I just want a good house I want financial stability and I want a car I want to be able to drive but I wish I had an electric car so it would be good for the environment I wish all cars were electric or hydraulic but I heard hydraulic’s not all that safe yet so I just wish we had a more peaceful, generally more environmentally friendly world and I wish that – well, yeah, that’s pretty much all I want, I want to do good in school, I want to be a child psychologist, another thing that people need more of because we all know that everybody’s got problems, yeah, that’ s pretty much all I want, I guess that’s pretty simple but it’s asking for a lot I just wish for peace all over the world and that we stop fighting particularly in Afghanistan I would want that the general public would pick up their garbage after themselves instead of littering and I think it would make a much better world I want people to stop swearing in front of children on the playground I want to give love I want to see Jeff and give him a big kiss and a big hug and I want to spend months doing nothing but hanging out with him I want to travel I want world peace, cleaner cities and a safer community I would like to be world-renowned, I’m guessing, I’d say National Geographic cover of world-renowned, that sort of thing, for discovering the world’s freakiest-looking jellyfish, that would be pretty neat, over and out my big dream at the moment is to write a book, or at least that’s the dream of this week we live in wine country I’ve been working on a philosophy of wine outline for probably five years now, it’s really at the point that I need to sit down and write it and create the philosophy of wines with a particular emphasis on philosophy of Niagara wines and essentially starting from the phrase, vino and veritas, which simply means truth and wine and explore that to its greatest extent and of course the research there is of great importance because you get to drink wine and visit wineries so I’m looking forward to it and hopefully it adds to the ambience of St. Catharines as a philosophy centre I want my money back I want continued happiness and success I want to know what I want to say I want another dog I want for people to enjoy the bliss of swimming naked in a warm Ontario lake during a rainy day I want the City to replace the

Photo: Rowan Shirkie

Photo: Rowan Shirkie

 missing garbage cans on King St. Je veux une vie rempli everyone to get along I want to feel loved and feel wanted and trust again I think it’s wise to find balance to find balance between materialistic world and spiritual world good health a house a truck I want peace and happiness in the whole world and for everyone to just have an awesome life, take care of themselves, love and live each day as if it was their last what I want is love and peace for everyone please I want to make a mural, a mural that will make a difference, a mural that will inspire people, a mural that will get you motivated and know that everyone is a part of the community and a community is building people together, being here for each other, I hope this mural will bring people together, I hope it’ll bring us all together I want a new gram and grandpa I want somebody to love and somebody to love me until I’m old and grey and we both pass away I would like to see St. Paul St. bricked-up so there’s no vehicles whatsoever I want a Weston Highland terrier for my birthday which is December 28 I want to find a cure for breast cancer ‘cause there’s so many people who are dying in this world because of it including one of my aunts, that’s what I want I want to learn how to play the guitar I wanna be Wonder Woman I want a wonderful life

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