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The Wheels on the Bus – 6

In Uncategorized on September 27, 2009 at 8:23 pm

single tireThe allysum has bloomed nicely. One of the things that made me cranky about the late start was how long it would take the alyssum to bloom. I love its fragrance. Didn’t actually notice it today. There were sparrows flying around nearby. On a visit a couple of weeks ago I saw a cabbage butterfly in the garden. There was a bumblebee today. Bloody wood lice had the nerve to be munching morning glories on the tires in broad daylight. (They are nocturnal.) I had found some strange variegated morning glories in early September at a nursery and planted them. Sadly, all the Heavenly Blue were destroyed. Some time back I discovered a wicked trap on the internet for them and laid it a few times. It’s hard to find the time to make a nocturnal and early morning visit on the subsequent day. The trap is to wet newspaper, place cut potato inside, fold it and leave it on the ground. In the morning – eureka! Eureka assuming a wet newspaper full of wood lice is one’s idea of success and a good time. I am leaving spent flowers so that they go to seed for the birds but removed a number of butterfly weed stems because they were so sad from aphid damage – brilliant yellow aphids. (Somehow this has become an insect report.) The City removed the dying trees on the site recently and I was relieved that there was no damage to the gardensign.full shot

  1. Your gardening expertise and experience are so evident in this posting, and your great love of this sweet little garden shows in every line. I find that it looks pretty good for a first year garden, dear.

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