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Wheels on the Bus – 3

In Uncategorized on August 3, 2009 at 8:46 pm

watering canIf you know St. Catharines, you know there is a peculiar corner at Lake, Welland and James. How to describe the sound of water ebbing from an old 1 1/2 gallon galvanized steel watering can as I turn the corner from Lake to James? I have had that can many years and think I bought it at the old and dearly departed Stokes Seeds building on James St., beside where the St. Catharines and Area Arts Council is today.

Four trips to the garden today. I am in a bit of a panic because it is underplanted and the annuals have not had time to bush out after the very late start. Went to 2 nurseries but it’s too late in the season for annuals. Cannabilized my own garden and explained to the nasturitiums and morning glory as I untangled them that they were off to serve the public good.


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