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The Wheels on the Bus – 1

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July 23

July 9, 2009
 This morning I met at the site of my artist’s garden, The Wheels on the Bus, with Stewart Green, landscape architect with the City of St. Catharines and Mauro Becchetti, Acting Horticultural Foreman, Recreation and Community Services. Finally, there is action on getting the garden in.

 AG2The garden was selected on May 22 and City approval for the tires was communicated on June 19 – almost a month delay. Patti Broughton of SCAAC and I made numerous queries but there was no action and on July 6, we learned that the City liaison was on vacation. I went ballistic. (That is when I wrote p.s. to Want expressing my feelings about St. Catharines – using very reserved language compared to how I felt.)  Mauro is totally great and on the case. I bought plants in early June and he advised me to put the perennials in, rather than waiting for the installation of the tires.

 July 10, 2009
The sprirea has been removed. There will be a further delay because it is necessary to do locates for utilities.AG3

July 12
I planted the perennials. To my great surprise, I discovered the soil is only 10” deep. Oh dear.

July 23, 2009
This morning, the tires finally went in my artist’s garden. Three City staff put them in (well, two to do so and one to watch). I was very excited. The crew foreman started out AG4with a cynical vibe, but I engaged him by enlisting his advice and by the end he was entirely supportive and helpful. I am terrible with names but I think his name is Lee. (He didn’t want to be in the pictures but the others were fine with it.) He was faster digging than the younger man and apparently previously worked at the cemetery. I told him of my surprise about the soil and he knew all about it and explained that the site is nothing but fill with a shallow layer of soil. He suggested asking Mauro for topsoil which I did.AG5

 I took my secateurs to trim the dying Echinacea purpurea (it took a few days for City watering to kick in) which I tranplanted from my home garden and I left them there. I realized the second I pulled in at home and went back but they weren’t there, hopefully Lee and his crew have them. I hope so, although they are extremely beat up they have sentimental value. I bought them at the Chelsea Flower Show when I went to England on a Canada Council ‘A’ grant back in the old days when there were such things and/or I could get them.


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