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Want, 2009

a community-based interactive installation/performance, audio installation and postering project during Art City, presented by Downtown Association, Niagara Artists’ Centre and St. Catharines and Area Arts Council

photo: R. Shirkiephoto: R. Shirkie

Artist Statement
The public is invited to enter the silk tent under the awning and record a voice message of one sentence starting with, “I want…..”. These messages will be collected by the artist over the July, August and September Art City events at varying locations. At the October event, they will be played back over loudspeakers.  In this work, I am creating an aural picture of community defined by our desires. What is it we want? Yes, we live in an acquisitive consumer society yet desires and wants have always been part of the human condition.

Please see blog posts about this project:
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as well as the related work Projecting Want (which has its own page on this site)

I also envisioned postering hoardings downtown but this did not happen.

photos except where noted by the artist


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