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Tangente program information

Song For A Blue Moon

Première at Tangente Danse Contemporain, September 16, 2004

concept, text*, choreography, video**,

photography, performance                                                Elizabeth Chitty

lighting design & technical director                                  Chris Clifford

music (Part 1) Cantus in memoriam Benjamin Britten     Arvo Pärt

music (Part 3 ) – commissioned                                         Wende Bartley

music (Part 4) – commissioned,                                        Darren Copeland

audio spatialization (Parts 1,2,4)                                       Darren Copeland

media artist/live mix                                                          Joe Lapinski

Max/MSP & Jitter programming                                       Jeremy Rotsztain

costume                                                                             Elizabeth Chitty with Angela Thomas and Terracotta Designs

Part 3 video editing                                                          Elizabeth Chitty & Chris Clifford

Part 3 research consultant                                                 marshalore

vocal coach                                                                       Jodi Weiler

*The text in Part 4 is based on a letter to the U.S. Government from Nhat Chi Mai, 1967.

** The video footage in Part 3 was shot by the Christian Peacmaker Team and is used with the permission of the community of the Eskenoôpetitj First Nation.

For this premiere: thanks to the Unitarian Congregation of Niagara, Nell Chitty, Alison Chitty, Charles & Kathleeen Chitty, June Etta Chenard, Angela Thomas, Julia Dodge, Keith Dieroff of Niagara Peninsula Hawkwatch, Nick Stedman of InterAccess Electronic Media Arts Centre, Charlene Nagel, Julia Sasso, Janice Alton and the staff of Tangente. Special thanks to Dena Davida and the Ontario Arts Council.

Earlier development of this work was supported by The Laidlaw Foundation, Ontario Arts Council, Canada Council for the Arts, Niagara Artists Company, Mary Gardner, Janis Barlow and Rebecca Cann. Thanks also to Fides Krucker, gkisedtanamoogk, Ernest Harris Jr., Susan Macpherson and the late Michael Balser.  Excerpts of this work have been performed at Older & Reckless (MoonHorse Dance Theatre), Anatomic Cabaret of the Moving Pictures Festival of Dance on Film and Video, Peterborough New Dance and Niagara Artists Company.

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