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Part 4 – Red Tail

Part 4 Red-Tail – recorded music and text, dance, video and still image projections mixed live with Max/MSP and Jitter software
composer: Darren Copeland (commissioned)

Based on self-immolation as an act of protest, fire as an image of transformation and re-birth in the symbol of a bird rising from fire. It begins with text based on the letter to the U.S. government written by Nhat Chi Mai, a lay Buddhist woman who self-immolated as a protest against the Vietnamese war. The wing of a red-tailed hawk is revealed in a golden box and its microphone captures live the sound of it moving through space.

Text from Part 4: Red-Tail (based on a letter from Nhat Chi Mai to the American government in 1967)

I offer
I offer my body
as a torch
I offer my body as a torch
to light
to light the darkness
I offer my body as a torch to light the darkness
to awaken love
to awaken love and bring peace
I offer my body as a torch to light the darkness, awaken love and bring peace.

© SONG FOR A BLUE MOON, Elizabeth Chitty 1998-2004

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