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Part 1 – Song For A Blue Moon

Part 1 Song For A Blue Moon – spoken & sung text, music, dance, video and still image projections mixed live with Max/MSP and Jitter software

A rapturous poem of transformation, from a dark fall of despair into the arms of the Beloved and the birth of a new world of peace. The visual images are of landscape (waterfalls and moss), dripping honey and the artist’s body.

(text excerpts from Part 1: Song For A Blue Moon)

This body
cracked by the night of stars
All the crimes of men pressed into this blackness
brutal rage of hating
killing              maiming        raping
in this cold black night
This cracked body falling
grieving         contaminated
This falling blisters my skin.

Rain falling
falling upon parched earth.
Seeds falling, sometimes to meet the rain
amidst the buzz of bees
dripping golden nectar.
My skin stretched taut
by the beat of this open heart.

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