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Guardian of Niagara: The Soft Fruit Industry, 2009

Chromira print, 30″ x 24″, Edition of 3
exhibited at Hamilton Artists’ Inc., 2009; Artists’ Survey: The Greenbelt, Gallery 1313, Royal Ontario Museum, Cultural Expressions Gallery (Ajax), Gallery OneFortyFive (St. Catharines), 2010

Guardian of Niagara: The Soft Fruit Industry

The Guardian of Niagara returns to comment that soft fruit agriculture, which once defined Niagara, is at serious risk. This time, she is less optimistic. With her staff of falling water, she straddles the roof of the last fruit processing plant (closed in Niagara in 2008) and a cherry orchard in bloom, flanked by ripe peaches, all layered on top of a row of suburban houses where orchards once flourished.

 The Guardian series of photographs relate to issues about the environment, food and the economy. The identity of the fantasy figure highlights the local (she is the Guardian of Niagara, after all) but the issues are global as much as local.

 With thanks to Brian Yungblut for his assistance in realizing this work

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