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Guardian of Niagara: The Great Lakes, 2007

Chromira print, 24” x 30”, Edition of 3
exhibited at Watermarks,  St. Catharines City Hall, 2007; Artists’ Survey: The Greenbelt, Gallery 1313 (Toronto), Royal Ontario Museum, Cultural Expressions Gallery (Ajax), Gallery OneFortyFive (St. Catharines)

Guardian of Niagara: The Great Lakes is the first in a series of chromira prints featuring the Guardian of Niagara, an image which plays on fantasy and comic strip heroines found in popular culture.  Unlike the nubile female bodies of those genres she is a red-robed, white-haired crone with staff forged from the waters of Niagara Falls who protects Niagara from environmental scourges. She surveys the Great Lakes, pondering the ills that plague them, and rouses Niagarans to save the day, recalling the famous feminist slogan – “We can do it!”

 The Niagara region lies between the smallest (Lake Ontario) and the shallowest (Lake Erie) of the Great Lakes. The Great Lakes ecosystem is the largest system of fresh water on the planet and the Lakes hold one fifth of the planet’s fresh surface water. We in Niagara and all those in communities around The Great Lakes have a huge stake in the health of these precious bodies of water and a significant role to play as their guardians.

With thanks to Brian Yungblut, Nell Chitty and Matt Harley.

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